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Britain’s Got Talent bla bla blaaaaa

On Saturday we were all amazed by the lovely Paddy and Nico doing a dance on Britain’s Got Talent. Look at the expression on Simon Cowells’ face…

These two should be pretty well known to Mr Cowell though, as they’ve already won shows abroad, including the Spanish version of “..Got Talent”…

So, basically, yet again, Mr Cowell and “Syco Entertainment” are taking us all for a ride.

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Chris Turner. Fantastic comedian

This bloke is called Chris Turner. He’s really rather brilliant I must say. Great comedian..

Bear with it on this first one – do watch it to the end.

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Livin in the 80′s !

I’m not going to say much here apart from a few keywords..



..and one of these

Screenshot 2014-04-08 at 22.42.01

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Remember your first car?

Check this website out. It’ll tell you just how many vehicles are left. One of my first cars was a Ford Orion Ghia, and there’s only 8 of them left!

Try it yourself :)

Also, if you’re ever looking for T-shirts or cups, check out ShotDeadInTheDark, which has to be one of the funiest shops ever :)

Here’s an example…


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Hello Jaffa Cake People

I’d just like to say something about your new TV commercial. It’s a rather short but important opinion.

What. The. F**k ?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Well Monday, you can just do one son.

BAGH! Go away! Not ready! Still on weekend mode. Oh, and I lost an hour too. That’s nasty :(

Some old skool tunes for your head, to help you recover…

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Google, I bloody hate you at times

Google have blocked Coolsmartphone from displaying ads.

So I asked them why. They told me I’d “broken the Google Policies” and to check my Google account for messages.

I did. There aren’t any.

They told me to submit my account for reconsideration.

I tried, but the reconsideration system won’t work because according to it I’ve NOT broken any policies.

I try and email Google, but I can’t, because.. it’s Google.


To make things better, here’s how people used to drive here in the UK way back when. Proper driving :)


What is blue blazes has happened to F1?

Good Lord. The cars sound like small wasps trapped inside silencers. This is an affront to every petrol head in the world. What next? Fully electric F1? Pah…

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He’s mugged you off darling

I thought this was on Eastenders, but it turns out that it was from Big Brother.

He’s mugged you off darling….

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On Twitter, the truth doesn’t really matter

Sometimes Twitter is like the Daily Mail, but turned up to 11. Truth really doesn’t matter and, as we saw in the riots here in the UK a while ago. Today it’s this image, which has been retweeted a great number of times..


Yes, it seems pretty bad, but that second image doesn’t have any info on the image, so we’re assuming that the details are true. However, it’s dangerous to assume. The Parliament website clearly shows that there wasn’t a discussion about MPs pay rise…

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Lisa Moorish – Mr Friday Night

This one goes way back to 1996. It was played to death pretty much every week for ages. An absolute tune that I still remember every word to. Turn it up …

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Thanks. It’s nice to know that there’s good people out there

Tonight I popped to the cash point around the corner and I was guilty of not really paying attention. I pressed “Cash” and requested £20. Then, when the card popped out, I walked off. I’d completely forgotten to take the money out.

My phone was in my hand, I wasn’t paying attention and I was about to get back in the car when someone at the cashpoint shouted me.

Thank you Sir. There’s not enough people like you. I could’ve been well on my way and half-way down the road. You could’ve had a free 20 quid to spend on your evening, but no – you chose to tell me.

Things like that are proper nice, and it balances out some of the crap stuff that happens. So yay to nice people, everywhere.

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Here’s something I’ve learned today

What keeps a train on the track ? Gravity ? Well, it’s a lot more than that. Fascinating stuff here…

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A couple of nice performances on The Brits tonight

First. Disclosure with White Noise, which was rather cool..

But sadly I Lorde did a slower version of “Royals”. I prefer this slightly mixed version..

This Zoo Station reboot is rather good too :)

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Climate Change. Really, do you have to ask?

Climate Change?

We’ve had weeks of constant, unrelenting storms and floods here in the UK. The US has experienced a “Polar Vortex” and America has seen record low temperatures, Right now they’re now seeing yet another snow storm which is causing devastation as it moves north.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo there’s disruption to trains and planes and they’ve experienced record snowfall in the region. So, have a think. Just all a coincidence?


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Can they offer hacked Sky? Well, not quite, but you can get Sky cheap

The BBC recently covered the illegal Sky TV packages being sold by local shops and online retailers.

The boxes in question are called “Skybox” and you can find them on eBay. It’s then a matter of flashing some firmware, but there are eBay sellers offering up channel bundles. From what I can see it’s just a matter of giving the “Skybox” a supplier URL for the encryption codes etc. The official Sky Cards are “shared” so you can find several peoplem with the aid of these boxes, using one

Descriptions on eBay seem to show these “tweaked” Skybox F5 boxes as including “gift packages”, which are usually all the movies and Sky Sports channels.

It’s a murky and dodgy world where your support is on the end of a address and you may have to re-pay if it stops working.


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That Jaguar advert…

This was featured on Top Gear this evening. It’s on YouTube and has been posted by Jaguar USA, so this is going all over America right now. Boom. Love the Jag..

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Wowser. I’d definitely give this guy a few quid

Wish I could play drums this well. Excellent stuff..

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Another Family Guy moment.. :)

It’s another classic clip from Family Guy.. :)

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Hey Microsoft, Bing is nothing but a clone

I accidentally found myself on Bing recently. It’s the Microsoft search engine which is basically like Google, but not. Initially Microsoft made big noises about how fresh and different their search engine was, but after using it today I’m pretty amazed at how much Microsoft have copied the Google interface.

Here’s a shot of me doing a search for “Gears” in Google (check here for the full-size image)


You’ll probably be aware of the familiar “sign in” button on the top right and the “cog” that’ll open your settings. The search bar is pretty familiar and you get to choose whether to have Web, Images, Videos or Maps included in the results.

Now, here’s Bing (again, try here for the full-sized image)


Again, up the top right is the “sign in” button and, yes the “cog” is back. These are pretty much identical to Google. The results can be filtered into Web, Images, Videos and Maps. There’s also a very familiar layout. Ads on the right, a few images tossed into the results. If that Bing logo was swapped for a Google logo I’d challenge anyone to tell the difference. It’s nothing but a copy, but sadly the Bing results are no-where near as good as Google, with Microsoft picking up some very random and strange results.