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It’s all so wrong but oh so right..

Well, I guess this advert has worked then. The people at Thorne Travel decided to advertise their local travel agency with the help of a video. That video has now gone viral and it’s 110% mental.

Really, I don’t know where to begin with this. Even The Independent has picked it up. Where to begin? Where to begin? The guy dressed as a cruise ship captain in the crap-fitting outfit? The terrible Mickey Mouse outfits?

Pirate radio on video :)

This is frighteningly close to the real pirate radio stations. You can catch the “mockumentary” on BBC Three which I’ve only just seen for the first time.

Damn you Pepsi. You’ve made me share this

Well, this is what viral marketing is all about I guess. Here’s Jeff Gordon, the stock car racing driver, getting into disguise to give this car salesman an interesting test drive…

People thought this was fake, so then this happened..

Good morning Thursday

Russians. They’re bloody mental.

I know people say this a lot, but this video is pretty epic. Check it out..

What the shit is wrong with us?

Last night I was driving home from work. Normal stuff. Then, on the opposite carriageway, just exiting a roundabout, a guy on a motorbike crashed. He misjudged the camber on the road (there’s a small hump as you exit that particular roundabout) and he completely lost control. Right there, just to the side of me, I saw his headlights spinning round and the guy himself sliding off his bike and across the tarmac.

Then, as he lay in the road, cars started to drive around him.

I couldn’t understand it.

Sure, he might have tried to speed away from the roundabout too quick, and yes he’d misjudged it and lost the back-end, but the guy was lying flat in the road and.. people were driving around him. Driving on.

I can’t explain it. What the f**k has happened to society. We don’t bother to help our fellow man any more.

I went round the roundabout and parked up in front of the guy with my hazards on because, quite simply, no-one else seemed to be f**ked and they were still heading into the lane he was in.

The guy was stumbling to his feet and trying to pick up his bike, but he was disorientated and a bit confused. It was only at this point that I spotted his passenger, who must’ve slid off the carriageway out of my eyeline, coming out of the undergrowth. As I got out the car they both hugged and, well…. they were happy to see each other in one piece, put it that way.

We’re a disconnected society now. We order food while we’re sat at home. We download movies onto our TV, we communicate through Facebook and we text the ones we love if they’re lucky.

This is all f**ked up.

I asked if they were OK, they both put their thumbs up and pushed the bike to the footpath. I left, but it was a painfully sharp reminder of how disconnected we’ve become. People would rather drive past this guy, lying in the road, rather than getting involved. Heck, if this guy was lucky he might get some bystanders filming it all on their f**king mobile phones.

I’m so f**king disappointed in all of you drivers last night. Really. F**king. Useless.

New music that sounds like old music.

This is rather natty. It’s definitely got an old-school feeling to it. This is Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Love Too Deep …

Kinda reminds me of Show Me Love by Robin S…

The journey to work

I’m not massively keen on the Monster drink that a lot of kids seem to be guzzling (huge amounts of caffeine and other crap that they don’t need), plus there’s the fact that some bikini girls seem to have lost their marbles, but still… Brilliant footage, brilliantly filmed. Stunning to watch..

BBC News doesn’t get the best reaction


Not much news on polling day yesterday, so they published some “breaking news” about the Princess of Cambridge not going to Malta.

Have a check

of the tweet

that was sent out. Suffice to say, it didn’t get the best reaction.


What we’ve learned from the Scottish referendum

Some 87% of Scottish voters came out to make their voice heard. This is the highest turnout for any vote since 1951.

It was a narrow victory for the “No” camp, but the closeness of the result has spooked Westminster into action, handling over more powers and also hopefully making the Government look at England and other parts of the UK too.

The high turnout, when compared to a normal General Election, is something that should worry politicians in London the most. The current political leaders and their party’s don’t seem to be stirring up the emotions or offering anything different, so less people come out to vote.

The Black Countraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

There’s a show on BBC2 about the M6 through Birmingham and the Black Country. These two fine gents are from Bloxwich. They’re moaning about the big motorway that’s been outside their houses since the early ’70s (which has now been improved to include a break-down spot even closer to their homes after the managed motorway scheme went live). Anyhow, I live local but still, the accent and his turn of phrase resulted in a drink spillage ..

(Here’s a map if you’re interested in this sort of thing. Personally I find it quite fascinating that back in the 70′s the Government could just plough a stonking great road within inches of peoples homes like this and basically stuck two fingers up to everyone)..

A water powered car. Really?

As much as I hate to link to the Daily Mail a car that runs on salt water looks set to arrive on European roads. It’s super powerful, super quick but, unfortunately, extremely expensive.


Carrying water in two 200-litre tanks, it’s good for 373 miles and has 920 horsepower. This all works thanks to something called electrolyte flow cell power system, which is a bit like a hydrogen fuel cell, but here it’s saltwater that stores the energy.

Let’s hope the oil companies don’t squash this. ore details here.

Hello Black Countrayyyyy!!!

I live a few miles from the M6 Toll. Well, actually it’s about 2 miles. Either way, this crash would’ve been all dramatic and wot-not if it was filmed in the USA. Here in the UK, the Black Country accent kinda takes the shine off it a bit.

Oh, by the way. The car coming the wrong way down the Toll was driven by a 77 year old man with dementia. As you can see from the last portion of the video, there was traffic heading towards him on the correct side of the road, so the cops had to take quick and decisive action to stop him.. Fair play.