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More tunes from my Shazam tagging

Here’s a few tunes that have found their way onto my Shazam tagging list of late. They’ve helped to keep my foot tapping on the way up and down the motorways of this good land :) This tune, called “Solo Dancing” by Indiana, instantly reminded me of the backing music from the British Army advert, which is actually Faith SFX.… Read more →

NFL – Bad lip-reading

The NFL. I don’t know where to begin really. It’s the American version of rugby, at least from what I can make out. However, they all wear lots of padding and protection so that they don’t get their pretty faces messed up, and then they go and have the audacity to call it football, even though it’s no-where near their… Read more →

Got the right type of broadband?

Remember my earlier post about broadband? It’s a subject that a lot of people either don’t know about, or think they know about. I know, because in my previous job I was one of the guys on the end of the phone in a business ISP. The sheer amount of people calling up about broadband speeds was frightening, with some… Read more →

More tunes. January edition. :)

I do this semi-regularly as I do like the odd bit of tunage. Here’s a few that are keeping my feet tapping… Oliver Heldens – Last All Night (Koala) feat. KStewart (there’s also this one if you don’t want the chatting and rubbish over the top.. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Rhymes Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor – Promesses Read more →

Here we go again. Idiots on parade

So. There’s been a large accident. What I’ll do is park up, in the middle of the bloody highway (not off the side or anything) and then what I’ll do is film everything. Then, when I see a large truck coming towards me, I’ll carry on filming and make absolutely ZERO effort to get out of the way. Oh, then… Read more →

More trash news – Fox News

You should always consider news as a guide. Newspapers and news channels will, for the most part, put their own spin on things. You’re never going to get a totally untainted view, especially with the likes of the hideous Daily Mail and v Fox “News”, which seems to broadcast any old shit. Here’s a classic, as Fox News suggests that… Read more →

Hey X-Factor, go and shove it.

Yep, this is pretty much my opinion of this crap now. Work hard, be good at what you do, learn every day and don’t just think that everything will come to you on a plate, because it bloody doesn’t. End of.. Read more →

Reason number 247 why the Daily Mail is an utterly terrible rag

Yup, they’ve done it again. Never mind the culture of fear that has been whipped up from the killings in France, or the brave police officers, or the people who died needlessly. Let’s concentrate on the BIKINI SHOTS of the wife of Amédy Coulibaly (supermarket killer), who’s on the run. Boobs sell newspapers, and the Daily Mail doesn’t give a… Read more →

The rich aren’t spreading their cash, and we’re not getting any better off

A very interesting show on BBC2 last night about the richest people in the UK. It’s interesting to see how half-heartedly the tax inspectors are chasing the wealthy and seem to actually allow tax avoidance schemes, only attacking them here and there. Increasing the amount that the wealthy get taxed seems to push the super-rich into either entering into tax-avoidance… Read more →

You’ve seen these before, yes. But..

..I’m sure I’ve blogged about a guy climbing a tower and filming it on a helmet camera, but now it’s gone to a whole new level with the aid of a drone. Stick one of those up in the air next to someone changing a bulb on the top of a huge TV transmitter and you get something like this.. Read more →

These people are our next leaders

Crickey. Some students from St Peter’s in Oxford on University Challenge. Where do I start eh? The “kid” called Armitage on the left looks like he’s in his mid-40’s already… Lets take a closer look because my photo seems to have snapped the fade between two shots… Wait a minute. I think I’ve seen him before… Yes, it’s George McFly… Read more →

Yahoo! Mail! Offers! Terrible! Advice!

Just… just.. what the …. what the hell?! This.. this abomination is the technical advice offered to the eejots at Yahoo! Tech Support (no seriously, go to if you don’t believe me) on how to backup your Yahoo! emails. Just wrong. Sloppy, crap and wrong all in one. Read more →