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Anna and Katy

Anyone remember the short-live “Anna and Katy” sketch show? It was on Channel 4 a couple of years ago and featured Anna Crilly (Lead Balloon) and Katy Wix (The dizzy one in Not Going Out). Anyhow, a lot of the sketches didn’t quite work, but the “Hard to explain” sketch, featuring a couple of Brummie or Black Country girls (slightly… Read more →

Drivers from the 80s

These incredibly sharp and modern-looking shots were taken many years before Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and something called “the Internet”. An absolutely amazing look back into London back in the day… Read more →

Come on .. our.. girls…

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is going well. They’ve even been invited to a stage show. Someone gave them a banner to show their support. Trouble is, when you read it out… .. it sounds a bit…. well, you get it… Read more →

Don’t try and out-run this particular VW Golf

This Golf R has been uprated with a VW 3.6 litre engine, 2 turbos and a few other gadgets. End result is 700 BHP instead of the standard 270 BHP in the 2 litre model. Which means, if you don’t tart up the body, you can have a normal looking car that does this.. ..and this.. Yowser! Read more →

Greece. Anyone got any cash?

Since the Greek financial crisis began in 2009, Greek savers have removed around €100 billion. To stop the banks collapsing, the Bank of Greece and the European Central Bank have lent them €120 billion. Wowser. Read more →

What. The. Actual. F**k.

Oh no. He’s British. Oh no, He’s got a wife. She’s totally OK with it. Oh no. They’re sharing biscuits and talking to the things.. What the … Read more →

Diesel Power

The Prodigy never get old. There was a time though when everything they made was an instant hit. This is one of the slightly forgotten tunes and it’s a real beast.. Read more →

Self driving cars. Still a little way to go..

Here’s a Volvo XC60 in the Dominican Republic showing off its self-parking technology. This should mean that the car can plonk itself into a space without you having to faff about trying to get out or slot it in yourself. It seems that 99% of people are too stupid to stick their car into a bloody space. Weirdos. Trouble is,… Read more →

Random dance tunes for May

Here’s some more tunes which I’m enjoying at the moment. Most of these get pumped out on Kiss or internet radio stations. The first is a really catchy tune which you may have heard yourself humming or perhaps singing the “I wanna runaway” line without realising who it is. This is “Runaway” by Galantis… This track is a great one… Read more →

Warning – Random tunes I like approaching. Post one!

This tune is testing the speakers in my car on a daily basis. I’m trying to find the Chris Lake edit of this tune but can’t locate it right now. I’ve purposefully not linked to the official video because it’s a bit violent. This one is ripped from Radio 1 and has a bit of chatting on but you can… Read more →

PPI and accident claims specialists.

Yet another call today. This time on a SIM only activated two weeks ago.  The caller said.. “Hello, I’m from (Company name) Solicitors, it’s about the accident you had last year.” Now, I get this quite a bit and it’s particularly annoying. I’ve tried putting the phone down, telling them not to call again and so on, but it happens… Read more →

Oh my good God. Words fail me…

Before you even start to get your head around the “complaint” that the lady is trying to put forward to the officer, another lady comes along with quite possibly the best finishing sentence ever.. Read more →

That Cuprinol advert

There’s an advert on at the moment for some Cuprinol fence paint. It shows two impossibly beautiful people NOT getting paint all over themselves and somehow SMILING and dancing through the whole miserable experience. Pah… So anyway. I could waffle on about this but basically the backing track on this advert is this. Rather cool old skool tunage… Read more →

Lots of these on the t’interweb. This is particularly good

If you do anything on the internet then there’s the chance you’re going to get slagged off by seemingly ordinary people who use the immediacy of the web to respond with your ill-thought-out comments. YouTube is one of the worst places to do anything, because the comments are chuffin awful. Here you go… Swearing .. lots of swearing.. Read more →