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Meanwhile, at Mobile World Congress 2015

Usually there’s some sort of protest each year here in Barcelona. A couple of years ago there was a number of students protesting at the amount of money being spent on the event, and there’s been helicopters and riot police flying over to ensure that attendees are protected. This year? Well, I just don’t know what this was all about.… Read more →

Classic tunes – Repeated Love

One absolutely storming tune from back in the day this one. It’s A.T.G.O.C. with Repeated Love. The original club mix was a bit more lightweight, but this is the Rollercoaster Pumped Up Mix that I remember… Read more →

Short Chappie Circuit

A film about a military robot (Number 5) who is struck by lightning and wants live. Short Circuit… A film about a police droid (Chappie) who is given new programming and becomes alive.. Or did I get this wrong? Come on Hollywood. Come up with some new bloody ideas. Read more →

Doggy Brolly? Yeah right! Hahahaaa… oh… wait

I think someone got bored one day and decided to invent something a bit mental, only to find that strangely people wanted to buy it. I can just imagine the inventor standing in front of the buying team at B&M Stores saying.. Really? You want that? You don’t want my flying car or the hover board? You want the bloody… Read more →

Yet more utter crap from the Daily Mail

People buy this newspaper. Their website is one of the biggest and most popular in the world. It’s a rag which is geared towards provoking anger, rage and disgust. Even, as in my case on a daily basis, if it’s negative popularity. Being so annoying, so bad and so disgraceful will put you into the public eye. The Daily Mail,… Read more →

New quilt ?

I get the feeling that I’d either feel greasy, sweaty or sick if this was on my bed each night. Read more →

Cadbury might think they’re clever. It’s not working…

People call it “negative advertising”. It’s basically the practice of purposefully changing the ingredients or recipe of a product, annoying all your customers, then – some weeks or months later – re-introducing the older recipe and seeing your sales rocket. However, after Kraft bought the hugely loved British institution that is Cadbury, they’ve altered employee benefits, sacked staff, reduced the… Read more →

Get ready to vote people!

I’m not going to recommend who you should vote for. Personally I have no idea as they all seem to be a bad choice at the moment. Anyway, here’s a funny from the Huffington Post which seems to be going all over the Twitternet. It’s obviously connected to David Cameron announcing today that he’s bust some nuts unless schools sort… Read more →

Guns in America

Many, many years ago I went to America. On this particular trip I went with some locals to a firing range and I put a post online about how this was so markedly different to most other countries in the world. Going to a firing range and seeing small children with their parents, shooting live rounds into a paper silhouette,… Read more →

More tunes from my Shazam tagging

Here’s a few tunes that have found their way onto my Shazam tagging list of late. They’ve helped to keep my foot tapping on the way up and down the motorways of this good land :) This tune, called “Solo Dancing” by Indiana, instantly reminded me of the backing music from the British Army advert, which is actually Faith SFX.… Read more →

NFL – Bad lip-reading

The NFL. I don’t know where to begin really. It’s the American version of rugby, at least from what I can make out. However, they all wear lots of padding and protection so that they don’t get their pretty faces messed up, and then they go and have the audacity to call it football, even though it’s no-where near their… Read more →

Got the right type of broadband?

Remember my earlier post about broadband? It’s a subject that a lot of people either don’t know about, or think they know about. I know, because in my previous job I was one of the guys on the end of the phone in a business ISP. The sheer amount of people calling up about broadband speeds was frightening, with some… Read more →

More tunes. January edition. :)

I do this semi-regularly as I do like the odd bit of tunage. Here’s a few that are keeping my feet tapping… Oliver Heldens – Last All Night (Koala) feat. KStewart (there’s also this one if you don’t want the chatting and rubbish over the top.. Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Rhymes Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor – Promesses Read more →