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What the fuck America?

Seriously. Where do you start with this? Another shooting in America. Another police office shoots another black man. This time though, it’s all captured on a mobile phone, and it’s been uploaded to YouTube… by the GIRLFRIEND OF THE GUY WHO GOT SHOT!? The guy was pulled over, apparently because the rear lights weren’t working properly on the car. According… Read more →

OK. So, Remain Lost. Vote Leave won. Here’s my thoughts.

Not going to sit on the fence here. It’s my blog. Basically, I’m confused as to why people couldn’t see all this coming when they voted “Leave”. It’s perhaps the most stupid, ideological decision ever. We have a powerful economy here in the UK. That’s why it’s attracting people. That’s why we have immigration. If our economy was knackered then… Read more →

The countdown to the #EUref – Time to decide

Good morning. Today it’s time to decide about whether we’re staying in Europe. People are confused and they’re relying on confusing, misleading and sometimes plain wrong. So, consider this. If you’re basing your choice on immigration, what would you do with the millions of other immigrants already here? At what point do you draw a line? Do you kick out… Read more →

Irish fans get a bit merry… but …

It seems that an Irish fan with a drum got a bit over-excited and stood on the roof. This made a dent so they started putting money down the door as compensation. Then a couple of them had an idea… Read more →

The countdown to the #EUref – My gut

Sadly, this is how I and a LOT of people I speak to are going to vote – purely based on a punt. A guess. A gut feeling. It’s a sad state of affairs and it’s based on nothing more than a wild stab-in-the-dark choice… Read more →

The countdown to the #EUref – Ben Goldacre

The following is by Ben Goldacre. Full credit to him and do visit his site at Why I am voting Remain. by Ben Goldacre, aged 41. A smaller democracy will not be  “more representative”. The UK government is no more under your control than the EU. Diluting your vote one in 65m or one in 500m amounts to the… Read more →

The countdown to the #EUref – Immigration

Most of the migrants living in the UK do not come from Europe. This video is 5 minutes long. It’s from Migration Observatory, which is basically the University of Oxford. They provide independent, authoritative, evidence-based analysis of data on migration and migrants in the UK. No bullshit. No spin. Just give it 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes. Read more →

The countdown to the #EUref – Some honesty

Instead of muck-flinging, arguments and stupid play-ground antics, we should just have some proper, solid evidence. Professor Michael Dougan is the Professor of European Law at the University of Liverpool. This one is 25 minutes long, but well worth it.. Read more →

The countdown to the #EUref – Brexit

Hello. In a couple of days we, the British public, have to make a colossal decision about whether we’ll stay in Europe. The EU isn’t perfect, but at least we know what it is. Leaving it will be a huge destabilising decision. You’d expect the exit camp to have a solid argument. They don’t. They have a big slogan on… Read more →

Laura Kuenssberg just nailed it. This is why the #EUReferendum is so confusing

Apart from the fact that we don’t fully believe what either “camp” is saying, there’s a whole lot more making us confused about the EU Referendum. The big decision is just around the corner, but ask most people and they’ll probably be undecided. Tonight a programme on BBC2, headed up by BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, was broadcast to try… Read more →

Cadburys is still feeling the hate…

Every single Facebook post they make ends up with comments like this. Now, what you have to remember is that most people posting comments are wanting to make a point, They want to get something off their chest. Usually, the people who like something (like the millions of people who continue to buy the chocolate) tend not to make comments.… Read more →

Actual EU Facts – Fact number 1

Whether you want to stay or leave the EU, finding actual data (that isn’t politically “tweaked”) is tricky. So let’s start with just how much “we” (the UK) pay to be in the EU. This is taken from The simple fact is that we actually receive back more than we pay in.. Read more →

How not to tip

This weekend we were at the pub again and, at the bar, I couldn’t pay for drinks as their card machine wasn’t working. Don’t worry .. said the barmaid.. We’ll just turn the router off and on, it’ll be fine in a bit. She put the drinks on a tab and we had our food. However, at the end of… Read more →