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A trip to Halfords. Fail after fail.

Here is a lesson on how to get everything wrong as a store. First, the back-story. I needed some oil. I go on their website and put in the registration of my car. It doesn’t work, and I get this… … hmmm… That’s no good. Never mind, I have to head to the store anyway, so I’ll check it there.… Read more →

A trip to India

So, this is well worth a watch. A few people the YouTube comments call him a racist, which is utterly stupid. Anyhow.. forward to 5.50 for the best bit, or watch it all, as it’s really rather good.. Read more →

Shrinking Magnum ice creams. Is it really to make you healthier?

Unilever say that they’re shrinking the size of their Magnum ice creams to enable customers to make “healthier choices”. Their “ice cream marketing director”, Noel Clarke, stated.. We have introduced this 250 calorie cap to help make it easier for our consumers to make informed and healthier choices when enjoying their favourite ice creams as part of a balanced lifestyle.… Read more →

Donald Trump is the scariest thing in the world

It’s hard to know where the line between insanity and sheer terror is. I honest spent 10 minutes trying to find out if this video was real or not but yes, it is actually real (check out the other videos). These kids are called the “Freedom Girls” and are singing ahead another utterly insane speech by Donald Hitler. People seem… Read more →

The M6 and M6 Toll – Now becoming a running joke

In October 2015 the “Smart Motorway” system between junction 10 and 13 should have been completed. Well into January 2016 we still don’t have any movement and, despite me driving on it at all hours of the day, I’ve never seen anybody actually working on it. This must be the slowest project in history. Bring back the Victorians, they would’ve… Read more →

Another mad magazine subscription thing

I’m not a big fan of these now, but I was once. I remember when I was a kid that I’d get interested in certainly weekly magazines with bits of kit attached to the front – it could be lego or another type of construction kit. Buy enough magazines each week, put it all together and you get to create… Read more →

Good grief

Wowser. Where do you start really? Click here to see the bit I’m blithering on about :) Read more →

Unprecedented – A word being abused during the floods

Have a look in the dictionary and you’ll see the word “Unprecedented” described as… Without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled or unparalleled: an unprecedented event. So why the hell are we calling the repeated flooding here in the UK described this way? Here’s a look at the news items today.. Stop making it seem like a once-in-a-lifetime… Read more →

Red 2 – Well, Top Gear ruined that film for me

You’re probably familiar with the Top Gear track. It’s been home to the “Stig” for quite some time, and a few years ago they filmed parts of Casino Royale there too. However, because it’s so well known, the Dunsfold Airfield kinda spoiled Red 2. This film was on last night and, in what seemed to be every airport scene, it… Read more →

Adele from 8 years ago

Here’s Adele in 2007 when she was just 19. This is actually a year before her debut album was released (also confusingly called 19), in 2008. In this video, about a couple of minutes in, you’ll see DJ Annie Mac looking absolutely gob-smacked. How things have changed for Adele… :) Read more →

Spectacular cable management

Way back when I was first starting in this whole IT game, I did some cabling. I tried to be neat, but to be honest it’s always a constant fight. Now, I hate linking to 9gag but they have some spectacular examples of cable management. Ooofff… nice. It’s enough to make you moist :)   Read more →

Heard a funny noise in Manchester today?

That’ll be the wind hitting this thing, the Beetham Tower… Sadly, when the wind kicks up, a very strange noise comes from the tower, and it seems to be caused by the glass blade. This has been happening for years and they’ve tried to fix it, but as you can see it’s still not fixed. In 2012 architect Ian Simpson,… Read more →