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Laura Kuenssberg just nailed it. This is why the #EUReferendum is so confusing

Apart from the fact that we don’t fully believe what either “camp” is saying, there’s a whole lot more making us confused about the EU Referendum. The big decision is just around the corner, but ask most people and they’ll probably be undecided. Tonight a programme on BBC2, headed up by BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, was broadcast to try… Read more →

Cadburys is still feeling the hate…

Every single Facebook post they make ends up with comments like this. Now, what you have to remember is that most people posting comments are wanting to make a point, They want to get something off their chest. Usually, the people who like something (like the millions of people who continue to buy the chocolate) tend not to make comments.… Read more →

Actual EU Facts – Fact number 1

Whether you want to stay or leave the EU, finding actual data (that isn’t politically “tweaked”) is tricky. So let’s start with just how much “we” (the UK) pay to be in the EU. This is taken from The simple fact is that we actually receive back more than we pay in.. Read more →

How not to tip

This weekend we were at the pub again and, at the bar, I couldn’t pay for drinks as their card machine wasn’t working. Don’t worry .. said the barmaid.. We’ll just turn the router off and on, it’ll be fine in a bit. She put the drinks on a tab and we had our food. However, at the end of… Read more →

Facebook Shit

I really can’t be arsed with Facebook. I’m going to nullify that statement immediately by saying that yes, I’m on it, but hardly use it. It’s a partial need to follow local groups and stuff. However, I hate this generated campaigns and “funny videos” that have been created to “go viral” just to promote a product. Whether it’s good or… Read more →

Those underground tunnels in Telford

Many, many moons ago I used to work for a company called EDS. They’re now part of HP Enterprise Services, but back then EDS owned several buildings in Telford, which is where I was based. This is quite some time ago now, but I was wondering what had happened to all the underground tunnels connecting up those old buildings, and… Read more →

So what do you like? The original, or this?

This tune has been doing the business of late – Sol Brothers featuring Kathy Brown and “Turn Me Out”… Trouble is, it’s a slight remix of an old tune of the same name…. Bit more bass to this classic, so I prefer this one ;) Read more →

March 2016 Tunes – My playlist :)

So I’ve just spent £15 to keep this domain for another couple of years, so I may as well use it :) Here’s another stack of tune, starting off with a rather hard tune from Robbie Rivera called “Funkatron”. Next, the Junior Sanchez Mongoloid mix of “Yeah”. I could only find this one on Soundcloud Next, Haus by Camelphat. Classic… Read more →

That piano at St Pancras

Last time I came back on the Eurostar this piano was outside the arrival doors. It’s usually getting tinkered with by someone, but I doubt you’ll ever see this. Utterly brilliant.. He did a bit more too… Read more →

What the flying fuck is this?

I have no idea where to start with this. Is it South African? Scottish? Welsh? Irish? Some sort of alien vocabulary? Lord knows, but who-ever the cock is responsible for “Castle” needs there head examining… THIS IS UTTERLY TERRIBLE and just ends up being gibberish in parts.. Read more →

Virgin does it again …

Oh dear.. Virgin Trains seem to be getting in the way of the Flying Scotsman all over the place. First we had this, which you’ll have probably heard of (short story, bloke was waiting for ages, then this happened. Virgin offered him a flight to America to say sorry, bloke said, “OH-BLOODY-KAY!!”) ..then this happened.. Read more →