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Don’t spill your beer

This blog is started to look a bit forlorn isn’t it? There was a time when I used to update it almost daily, but sadly Twitter has sucked all my mojo and now my thoughts are just 140 characters. Brief and fleeting. Anyhow. Have a magical robot arm thing that stops you spilling your beer. Megaaaaa Read more →

Repaircare. Do not use them. This is why.

Beware, this is a lengthy post about an appliance repair company called Repaircare. I have an email which is about 5 pages long and contains the endless disasters I’ve experienced when trying to get anything done with them. It’s a story that starts early in February 2015 and ends late in July. It’s a tale of woe, of lies, of… Read more →

July Tunes, Part 2

For some reason YouTube blocked one of the videos yesterday, so here we go again with the Julio Bashmore track. Why this gets blocked when it’s available on the official YouTube channel I don’t know. It’s all about revenue I guess.. Here’s another rather heavy tune that I’m loving at the moment .. DJ Haus – Make it hot !!!… Read more →

America and gun control

The United States of America is the one advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws. Even in the face of repeated mass killings. If you look at the number of Americans killed by terrorism since 9/11, it’s less than 100. If you look at the number killed by gun violence, it’s… Read more →

Good morning Thursday – Tunes for July

The only lyrics I seem to know from this song are “it’s all frozen”. Still, I’m still singing it lots. Julio Bashmore feat. Sam Dew – Holding on… “Ooo-woah-a”. :) Gorgeous summer anthem this one. Crank it up loud and dance around your garden, whether it’s sunny or not. This gets better by the minute. Crisp and bassy all at… Read more →

Piff the Magic Dragon

No, no, this is a real thing. To us here in the UK this guy is just laid back and kinda cool, but in America they seem to be confused and excited about how relaxed he is when on the US version of “Got Talent”… Head to his website if you want more. Like this.. Read more →

I’mmmmm baaackkk!!!

If you’ve been under a rock then you’ll not know that I’ve been cycling up some ruddy great hills for charity. It’s been cockin hard, but now I’m back home and have very weird videos like this to get me going again… :) Read more →

Now this, my friends, is a nightclub

My good friend Ant went to whatever the hell this is. It’s like something from another world. Most of the clubbers now are more concerned with capturing the whole event on their smartphones. Back in my day we’d be bouncing around – a phone would be the very last thing we’d be thinking about. When I were young… ;) Ah… Read more →

Anna and Katy

Anyone remember the short-live “Anna and Katy” sketch show? It was on Channel 4 a couple of years ago and featured Anna Crilly (Lead Balloon) and Katy Wix (The dizzy one in Not Going Out). Anyhow, a lot of the sketches didn’t quite work, but the “Hard to explain” sketch, featuring a couple of Brummie or Black Country girls (slightly… Read more →

Drivers from the 80s

These incredibly sharp and modern-looking shots were taken many years before Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and something called “the Internet”. An absolutely amazing look back into London back in the day… Read more →

Come on .. our.. girls…

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is going well. They’ve even been invited to a stage show. Someone gave them a banner to show their support. Trouble is, when you read it out… .. it sounds a bit…. well, you get it… Read more →

Don’t try and out-run this particular VW Golf

This Golf R has been uprated with a VW 3.6 litre engine, 2 turbos and a few other gadgets. End result is 700 BHP instead of the standard 270 BHP in the 2 litre model. Which means, if you don’t tart up the body, you can have a normal looking car that does this.. ..and this.. Yowser! Read more →