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Currys PC World staff must get paid quite a bit…

Now, I know I’m assuming a few things in this fictional family, but it bugs me. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. In short, it’s about Currys PC World giving staff the latest kit to tray in order to test and learn all about those products. Trouble is, this one features a guy who has three kids and a… Read more →

Thomas Cook Airlines. Put simply, they don’t care.

I’ve tried several times to get a response to my complaint to Thomas Cook Airlines. They’ve responded once, but it was no more than a courtesy mail saying that they’rd forward my mail on. The reason why I’m bringing this up? It’s because, in the last few months, the Swissport baggage handlers at Birmingham Airport have been nothing short of… Read more →

Thank you internets…

Oh bugger. So… This one is going to stick with me for a while. The story behind this one is that a little girl stated she wanted to replace the Big Ben “bongs” while it remained silent for maintenance. ITV show, This Morning, somehow thought that this warranted a bloody interview. Anyhow… It got remixed… Read more →

News at 10 went well last night

Blimey. The news didn’t go at all to plan last night. On Virgin we just saw the news reader sitting still for a few seconds, then the camera slid sideways rather awkwardly and a “Breaking News” logo flashed across the screen. Next, and a woman came on reading the schedule for the next day. Next? A “Technical fault” page, followed… Read more →

Ahh ! My blog! I remember this

Twitter seems to have killed my blog-writing of late, and I’m doing quite a few pieces over at Coolsmartphone too. A couple of big tunes are in order, and it’s thanks to the fantastic Annie Mac coming back to Radio 1 that these have been playing constantly into my ears. The first is from Dusky, called “Cold Heart”.. And second,… Read more →

Virgin Media and the constantly drifting fix times

So, you know the deal by now. I’ve been checking the fix time for our On Demand service. In previous posts here you’ll see that it was originally April 21st, then it moved to April 24th. I thought I’d check it again today and… Oh dear… Yet another massive face palm… It’s now going to be fixed (apparently) on May… Read more →

Virgin Media – At last, the On Demand is due to be fixed today!

In my earlier post I showed a screenshot of the Virgin Media status screen. For our area it showed a fault with the On Demand facility. However, it was being fixed. Sure, it was going to take three days, but they would definitely have it fixed by today, April 21st… Yay! Oh …. Wait though… After experiencing yet more problems… Read more →

Situation report – Virgin Media, a month in

Bloody hell. The speed is great, the TV service is OK.. but… oh dear, everything else has just been terrible. The On Demand wasn’t working for days on end, so I complained. They eventually fixed it. Then parts of it broke again and, days later, it’s still not fixed. This is how things are tonight. Access to Facebook has broken… Read more →

Day 2 of our Virgin Media outage

I’m a brand new customer. So far I’ve had really good speeds but a botched install and I’ve never been able to use the “On Demand” system because it was broken on my first attempt. Yesterday they said it would be fixed by lunchtime tomorrow. Now though, the fix time has been put back and it’ll take even longer to… Read more →

Hello Virgin Media..

I’ve recently switched to Virgin Media. I wrote a large and rather geeky feature about it. The broadband speed is good. Very good. In fact, if you get your WiFi setup right then you can easily get more than you’re paying for. Here, for example, is my 200Mbps broadband speed test.. Trouble is, today is Tuesday and none of the… Read more →

Fake News!

To a very, very, very minor extent, Trump does have a point (but I won’t for a minute stop pointing out that he’s a massive bellend). Fake news does exist, and it’s designed to sell magazines and newspapers… This is how your tabloid newspaper stories are made… — Gears (@gears) February 6, 2017 Read more →

Confessions of the Paparazzi

Basically, never believe those tabloid celebrity stories. They’re either made up by the celebs themselves (controlled shots on the beach), made up by the photographers to get more cash or made up by the reporters themselves to get more clicks… This is how the Daily Mail is created — Gears (@gears) February 6, 2017 Read more →

So today…

I took my son swimming. The pool has very limited viewing facilities and all the parents have is a bus-stop-style area which isn’t exactly roomy. Normally this isn’t too bad, as people will somehow move down with a few pleasantries. However, it was really packed today. It was so busy that I ended up standing behind the seats, and there… Read more →

Donald Trump gets sassy

America has gone truly insane. There’s nothing else you can say. Bat shit fucking crazy. They’ve voted a guy in who encouraged fake news about his opponent and now he doesn’t like supposedly fake news about him. This is a guy who courts publicity then goes utterly mental on Twitter when a news outlet isn’t singing his tune. He doesn’t… Read more →