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Lots of these on the t’interweb. This is particularly good

If you do anything on the internet then there’s the chance you’re going to get slagged off by seemingly ordinary people who use the immediacy of the web to respond with your ill-thought-out comments. YouTube is one of the worst places to do anything, because the comments are chuffin awful. Here you go… Swearing .. lots of swearing.. Read more →


Robinsons continue to disappoint

The Robinsons squash drinks have been a big favourite of ours for many years, especially the sugar free variety. Trouble is, they’ve recently changed the “recipe” of their drinks and have “reformulated” both the Apple and Blackcurrant and the Orange drinks we’ve enjoyed. Now, without any bias, our entire family hate the new¬†stuff. The new orange flavour is syrupy and… Read more →

Goodbye (current format of) Top Gear..

A bit of a crap way for it all to end, but you really can’t get away with punching a colleague, no matter how you look at it. Especially when you rang your boss to admit it. Anyhow. Jeremy Clarkson will no doubt do a “Jonathan Ross” and hop across to another channel to continue on. In this world of… Read more →

Hey Robinsons, what have you done?

We drink a lot of Robinsons in our house. The sugar free stuff. Both the Apple and Blackcurrant and the Orange stuff. Recently, they invented this .. It’s super-concentrated squash that you can take around in your pocket. Not bad, but it tastes different to the bottled stuff. At least, that bottled stuff was nice until they made it taste… Read more →

Hey, Boy Racers. This is why we let you overtake

Muppet. In my head all new drivers should be limited to a vehicle under a set BHP. Either way, this is what happens when you try and overtake too fast, only to hit a roundabout with a hefty camber… Fail.. Don’t get me wrong, by the sounds of the (diesel?) engine in the camera car (and road positioning) it was… Read more →

Ahhh… The early days of satellite television

There’s an old Comet store near me (now long gone) which still has a BSB Squariel on the side. As with the VHS / Betamax war, the inferior technology won the battle. In the early days of Sky TV the dish was pretty huge and many houses still have them anchored to their walls, complete with rusting bolts. They sit… Read more →

Dear TV channels. Sort this stinking mess out.

For reasons that I really don’t care about, Sky Sports News is no longer called that. It’s now called “Sky Sports News HQ”, but on the Sky listings they can’t fit the HD channel name in, so it’s called “Sky Spts Nws HQ HD” or something insane. Hey, here’s an idea Sky… WHY NOT JUST GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL… Read more →

The internet, summed up

People believe it’s their divine right to be on the internet. They also believe that they can say whatever they want to anybody and there’ll be no come-back because they’re somehow magically protected behind a nickname. “Bagh, it’s the internet, no-one knows who you really are.” It’s this single thought that gets most people into trouble, whether it be through… Read more →

Meanwhile, at Mobile World Congress 2015

Usually there’s some sort of protest each year here in Barcelona. A couple of years ago there was a number of students protesting at the amount of money being spent on the event, and there’s been helicopters and riot police flying over to ensure that attendees are protected. This year? Well, I just don’t know what this was all about.… Read more →

Classic tunes – Repeated Love

One absolutely storming tune from back in the day this one. It’s A.T.G.O.C. with Repeated Love. The original club mix was a bit more lightweight, but this is the Rollercoaster Pumped Up Mix that I remember… Read more →