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Remember that charity cycle ride?

This is the new track from “Stealing Sheep”. It’s called “Apparition” and is really rather good. The video too, is lovely… This lovely video, filmed in a lovely village, reminded me of all the lovely places I cycled through on the charity ride earlier this year. We cycled along the Pennine Bridleway from the edge of Howgill Fells in Cumbria… Read more →

Welcome to Syria

Here’s some Russian drone footage, combined with some insane electronic music to make it seem “cool” and almost like a compute game. Either way, it’s basically footage of what’s happening right now in Syria. Pretty terrible. The place has been blown to shit. No wonder people want to get the hell out of there.. Read more →

Morrisons just dropped the ball. Aldi and Lidl win again.

The big supermarkets are all suffering at the hands of the discounters. Customers are now choosing to do regular “top up” shops and they’re being clever too – realising that cheaper doesn’t always mean “not as good”. However, a year ago Morrisons launched a loyalty card scheme called “Match & More”. It replaced their “Morrisons Miles” scheme for petrol users… Read more →

Big news! We’ve all been lied too! HURRAA!!

A BBC news item (that can be found here) reveals that those smooth, calm lab tests are nothing like the normal driving we all do in our cars. They found that diesel cars which AREN’T part of the massive VW scandal produced far, far, FAR more emissions that is allowed by law. They’re guffing our nitrous oxide like you wouldn’t… Read more →

Radio X – Can they stick to their guns?

Here in the UK there’s generally two types of radio station. One type will broadcast a certain style of music, news or entertainment. The other type is that idiotic, commercial pap with shouty character-less DJ’s who seem to have an unnaturally “hyper” voices and play cheesy pop music to please as many people as possible. It’s generic, it’s cheap. It’s… Read more →

I love this website

The Daily Mail is one of the most click-bait low-grade internet-scraping piles of arse I’ve ever had the misfortune to click on. It delights in warping stories in order to gain clicks and comments. It’s arse, but people buy it because they’re addicted to the cheap thrill of newspaper and internet sensation as it’s possibly more interesting than refreshing the… Read more →

British plugs are bloody great

I’ve been to China recently and, in the hotel, they had British sockets. Sure, there was a weird mish-mash of other sockets (they seem to have the Australian type mainly), but there was actual British sockets in the hotel. In Hong Kong, proper British sockets. In Cyprus, where I was recently, more British sockets. Bloody brilliant. This is why.. Read more →

EE and BT Openreach craziness update

OK. Since my earlier post we now have another email from EE customer service. I asked them to raise another complaint because they’d lost the first complaint, and I asked them to confirm that there was definitely a fault. Their response? It’s another badly written email filled with terrible English.. Sorry to know that you are experiencing connectivity issue with… Read more →