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Fake News!

To a very, very, very minor extent, Trump does have a point (but I won’t for a minute stop pointing out that he’s a massive bellend). Fake news does exist, and it’s designed to sell magazines and newspapers… This is how your tabloid newspaper stories are made… — Gears (@gears) February 6, 2017 Read more →

Confessions of the Paparazzi

Basically, never believe those tabloid celebrity stories. They’re either made up by the celebs themselves (controlled shots on the beach), made up by the photographers to get more cash or made up by the reporters themselves to get more clicks… This is how the Daily Mail is created — Gears (@gears) February 6, 2017 Read more →

So today…

I took my son swimming. The pool has very limited viewing facilities and all the parents have is a bus-stop-style area which isn’t exactly roomy. Normally this isn’t too bad, as people will somehow move down with a few pleasantries. However, it was really packed today. It was so busy that I ended up standing behind the seats, and there… Read more →

Donald Trump gets sassy

America has gone truly insane. There’s nothing else you can say. Bat shit fucking crazy. They’ve voted a guy in who encouraged fake news about his opponent and now he doesn’t like supposedly fake news about him. This is a guy who courts publicity then goes utterly mental on Twitter when a news outlet isn’t singing his tune. He doesn’t… Read more →

Listen to live radio all over the world by navigating an interactive globe. Good huh? Strangely addictive! Read more →

Blimey. Twitter killed my blog!

Back in the old days I used to post stuff here quite a bit. Now I put tiny thoughts onto Twitter instead. Now it’s Christmas 2016 and .. woah.. where did that year go eh? Anyways.. here’s a strange man singing… Read more →

Crime of the century

This one is from Northants police. Sadly their website doesn’t render properly on mobile, so here is their latest news post. Man sought following theft of venetian blind from Dunelm Mill, Northampton Police have released a picture of a man who they wish to trace in connection with an alleged theft of a venetian blind from the Dunelm Mill store… Read more →

The Government approved Fracking.

In Lancashine this week the UK Government went against the decision of the local council, against environmentalists and local campaign groups. The go-ahead was given for UK shale rock to be fracked horizontally to extract gas. Yeah.. Here’s how that turned out down in Australia… Read more →

America. Think carefully when you vote.

Honestly, I love America, but there’s a very good chance that the country is about to go back several decades. There’s a very good chance that every other country in the world will move away from them and cut diplomatic ties. It could all get very ugly.. Read more →