Got yourself a Police Warning message on your computer?

I had this rather lovely warning pop up on my PC recently. As an “IT Pro” it might seem strange that I got this malicious message so easily. All I did was click on a “Contact” link on a web page.

The message takes over the whole screen and won’t go away. It demands money and said that I’d been doing something bad on the web. It’s scary, intimidating… and comlpletely fake. Don’t worry, the Police ARE NOT AFTER YOU.

To fix it, I had to reboot and go into safe mode then follow the details in the video below. I’d of course recommend an anti-virus program – a good one from a PC shop – to ensure that every bit of this is gone and doesn’t come back. However, at this time of year you can always save yourself a bit of cash by fixing it yourself. After all, there’s a lot of Christmas shopping to do online!

If you’re having trouble seeing the video below, click to go full-screen or watch it here on YouTube.

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  • Hunted009

    i had same message today but o god i tryed to get it off my computer but after starting my computer 3 times its done somthing to me computer it will not boot now just got black screen i did notice the pop up said after 3 attemps it would disable my computer & it has what the hell can i do to get me computer back on i have tryed every thing no keys work tryed all the f keys f8 f6 f12  so i could reboot but no luck who would do a sick thing like this i am realy mad hope some 1 can help thanks

  • Anonymous

    Browse to this site on your phone and watch the video mate

    Leigh Geary

  • Hunted009

    watched video on main computer it was on my lap top i can not get it to boot up i just got blank black screen i am gonna have to try & boot it some how so i can remove the dam thing like the video shows but got to get the laptop on first though

  • Jonjordan222

    Yes I was scarred to hell when I saw this message I genuinely thought I had done something wrong. However this has put my mind to rest i factory restored it and its quicker and runs faster on the web so its a blessing really! Thanks for your post!!!

  • Jonjordan222

    f7 as soon as the first screen appears if you have hp it will take you to factory restored setting and it will change ur ip address so the hacking scum doesnt try it again